First Time in Lagos? — How to Enjoy Your Short Stay In Lagos

By: Aladeselu Margaret Ayomikun

“Ain’t no party like a Lagos party”. Banky W has our permission to say that again. But parties are not the only reason why Lagos is one of the most visited cities in Africa. Lagos holds a special place in the hearts of Nigerians and serenades the tender spot of tourists every year. There is a bubbling energy and whimsical type of air that one can only breath in Lagos. This highly-visited state is the most populated state in Nigeria because everybody wants a drag of that air. If you are currently considering Lagos for your next vacation or work trip, we asked one of our favorite guests the activities that made her first trip to Lagos positively memorable.


Even though I’m a proper Naija babe, it was shameful for me to admit to my friends that I had never visited Lagos or any other part of Nigeria until this year. I have lived in London my whole life but I had to come to Lagos for a 2-week business trip. My sister actually introduced me to Spaceet and when I checked their website, I liked what I saw but the Higher Ground Ruby Apartment had my kind of vibe so that was the apartment I went for. I think Lagos is very misunderstood because everybody told me to be careful, my best friend even asked if I could cancel the trip. I didn’t think I could get such a beautifully designed apartment in Lagos because of all the things I heard. I thought I was being extra careful but I ended up stressing their customer service representative who was really nice and patient.

Lekki (where the apartment I booked is located) is a really beautiful place and also home to some of the finest spots in Lagos. If you are visiting Lagos for the first time, I think you will find Lekki Conservation Center and Nike Art Gallery very fascinating. Although I was riding completely solo when I was in Lagos, it didn’t take the beauty of these experiences from me, so if you are wondering if these are places you can visit without company, they totally are. I also loved Atican Beach, I love the serenity of this particular beach and there are chances that you might meet some really amazing people that you can make friends with or form other kinds of connections with. Another place on my list is Shiro Lagos, this place might pop up first when you search for restaurants in Lagos and when I visited, I understood what the hype was about. Those people need to give their chef a raise because the food is amazing and their customer service is also top-notch.

I can’t talk about Lagos without mentioning the buzzing nightlife in this city. I made friends with a few tourists at the beach and we explored Lagos nightlife together. I think that was the best part of my Lagos experience. But if you choose to explore the nightlife in Lagos, make sure you have the budget for that. If it’s your first time in Lagos, your safety should be your utmost priority and you should be very careful with how you move around. I strongly recommend Uber rides because from what I observed when I was in Nigeria, they have nice and professional drivers but if you can, don’t hesitate to share your location with a friend or family.

And finally, if you are new to Lagos, you should definitely get the Jumia Foods app. This app literally saved me on multiple occasions, Although my serviced apartment had a very spacious and modern-equipped kitchen, I am not a fan of cooking, so I just ordered takeout all through my stay. But here is a slight warning, make sure you don’t lose focus of your budget because there are so many restaurants that you are going to want to try on the Jumia app. I hope these details would help you enjoy your first time in Lagos.

If you are visiting Lagos for business or pleasure purposes, we would love to cater to your hospitality needs and help you enjoy your stay like we did for Funmi. Head on to to explore beautiful apartments and amazing offers.



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